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Lyle Overby & Associates, the Orange County public affairs and governmental advocacy firm, has been in continuous service to a wide variety of clients with business interest at all levels of government, since 1979. The firm has represented Orange County’s largest landowners, businesses whose services fill a government need, philanthropic organizations with facilities in Orange County, companies offering products to meet public needs, companies seeking tenancy in government properties, including John Wayne Airport, architect and engineering firms, and local service districts. In the course of this extensive involvement in the development of Orange County into a business friendly, environmentally sound, economically strong California county, the firm has developed useful relationships with elected government officials, agency staff management, the County Board of Supervisors, city councilmen and service district managers.

About Us

lyleoverbyLyle A. Overby, Principal of the firm, has been involved in government and private sector business for nearly 40 years, first serving in County government agencies beginning in 1972, and then as administrative assistant to two county supervisors through 1979. After leaving the Board of Supervisors in 1979, Lyle Overby formed his consulting firm, Lyle Overby & Associates and has provided uninterrupted service to clients these last 30 years.

Areas of Practice

In addition to advocacy services, Lyle Overby & Associates assists landowners in developing a winning strategy for processing land use entitlement proposals to assure successful resolution of community and government issues and assuring project entitlement. For those companies seeking contracts to do work for government agencies, Lyle Overby & Associates helps clients outline and present their qualifications for the work, both at the staff level and with decision makers. For companies seeking tenancy in a government facility, Lyle Overby & Associates is qualified to assist business in negotiating contracts to assure the business venture will have a chance to succeed. Most importantly, if a crisis does arise in the interaction between client and government agency, Lyle Overby & Associates can help clients work through the problem so that client goals are still achieved.

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